New Product Submissions

Selection of products available to buy from not just a shop
Yeshen Venema photography

not just a shop sells design products and artwork created exclusively by those who have studied at UAL’s six prestigious arts colleges.

New products are sourced through a biannual open call, whereby students and graduates who meet the criteria outlined in our buying policy can submit their work for the chance to be included in the next season’s collection. Further information on the open call process can be found in the not just a shop Product Submission Handbook.

In addition to these open calls for market-ready products, we also run live briefs (such as our annual Christmas card competition), to provide current students – who may not have developed products - with opportunities to see their designs sold in the not just a shop

Due to the volume of interest we receive, submissions made outside of the open call process cannot be considered.

Apply by 19 January 2018 for the chance to get your work sold in not just a shop.

New Product Submissions

  • Two UAL staff talking in the the not just a shop store.
    Phtograph by Yeshen Venema Photography.

    Upcoming events

    Our enterprise events programme is designed to support students and graduates with getting their business ideas off the ground.

  • Painting by Sarah Palmer
    'Back to Back' by Sarah Palmer

    Fine Art Submissions

    Apply by 19 December 2017 for the chance to have your fine art showcased and sold in not just a shop.

  • Photo of handkerchiefs by designer James Barker
    Handkerchiefs by James Barker

    Product Submissions

    Apply by 19 January 2018 for the chance to get your products sold in not just a shop.