Need support to develop goals and ambitions?

Mentoring is open to 2nd and 3rd year undergraduates. You are matched with a professional creative as a mentor – who helps you plan your future.

We are particularly seeking applications from disabled students, students who are from Black, Asian and Minority ethnic backgrounds, and students whose parents/guardians did not undertake a university course. 

The 2018 mentoring scheme is now closed.

Our 2019 scheme will be open for registrations in Oct/Nov 2018. Please check back for details.

Mentoring at Artsmart 2015 with Sharmadean Reid
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Duane and Babi

Teo and Jet.
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Nadia Ricketts and Thomas Hegnauer > Mentoring

Quote from mentee Nadia Ricketts
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Quote from mentee Nadia Ricketts

The mentoring scheme is part of UAL's portfolio of services which help our students and graduates embark on their professional futures in the creative industries, find jobs, set up businesses, and sell their work. The scheme matches second year undergraduate students with experienced professionals to gain one-to-one careers advice, support and guidance over a 6-month period.

Objectives of the mentoring scheme

  • To encourage and support you to focus on your future career plans and formulate career aspirations
  • To help you to think about your career opportunities
  • To provide an opportunity for you to build professional networks and build relationships by interacting with the workplace and benefiting from the knowledge and skills of a mentor
  • To create an opportunity to build and develop your employability skills and enhance your personal and social competencies.

The benefits of mentoring

  • You will have the opportunity to develop your confidence, employability skills and professional network
  • You will receive one-to-one support and guidance on your career plans
  • By the end of the 6 months you should have greater career focus, be more decisive about your future career plans and have an increased awareness of career opportunities.

Who can apply?

The mentoring scheme is open any 2nd or 3rd year undergraduate student at UAL, who would benefit from career insight, guidance and support. 

This scheme is part of a Careers and Employability programme aiming to promote equality on grounds of ethnicity, disability and social class. We particularly welcome applications from disabled students, students who are from Black, Asian and Minority ethnic backgrounds, and students whose parents/guardians did not undertake a university course.

Key dates and application process

Sign up to our mentoring scheme

Deadline for applications: 9am on Monday 22 January

Your steps into having a mentor:

1. When you submit your form you will receive an email response, confirming that you are registered. Email will be our main way of communicating with you, so please give an email address that you will check regularly.

2. We check your form to make sure that this scheme is right for you.

3. You will then be sent a link to sign up for a training event.

4. Once you have completed the training, we match each student with up to 3 possible Mentors, and send the students options to consider.

5. When a final match is agreed, both you and your mentor attend an initial meeting at High Holborn.

6. You meet your mentor at least 6 times, over 6 months (March to August 2018).

If I register, will I definitely be part of the scheme?

In order to be matched with a mentoring partner, you have to complete the training first.

Every year a different group of students register for mentoring, with varying needs. We may not be able to find a match for each and every student who has completed the training - but we will certainly try to do so. 

Please note:

The University does not tolerate any form of bullying, harassment or violence. Any reports made by a mentor or mentee will be treated seriously and with sensitivity.  

If you wish to raise a concern, please contact the Mentoring Coordinator in the first instance at  UAL students can also access confidential advice through the University’s Tell Someone service.

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Join the Mentoring mailing list:

Undergraduates at UAL are welcome to join the Mentoring mailing list. Please email, stating whether you are a 1st, 2nd or 3rd year student. (First year students will be contacted when they become eligible for Professional Mentoring).