Data Protection Act 1998 Statement

University of the Arts London is registered under current UK Data Protection law.

It holds data in electronic and paper form on your personal details, academic and administrative history and on any relevant financial transactions. This information is necessary for us to properly administer your studies with the University, e.g. the recording and processing of assessment results, the determination of final award outcomes and the production of management information. Your assessment data will be processed to determine your overall award outcome, and the precise way in which this is done is published in the relevant examination handbooks and programme documentation. In due course, your records will form part of the student archive and your computer record will be available to University of the Arts London for approved purposes, such as the construction of mailing lists. 

In addition, we are required by law to collect and provide information on every student to certain external agencies. These bodies include the Higher Education Statistics Agency, Local Education Authorities and other grant-awarding bodies, and local taxation authorities. We are also obliged to release information to the police and similar law officers as part of criminal investigations and in certain circumstances to officers of the court in relation to civil proceedings. 

The details of your academic award from University of the Arts London are regarded as public information (but not the fact that you have failed an award). Names of successful candidates will be published on open pass lists. This information will also be routinely released to a third party (e.g. prospective employers). The only other information that will be routinely released to a third party in appropriate circumstances is whether or not you are a student here. If you do not wish us to reveal your student status you should make this known via your School. 

In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000, the University has a Publication Scheme proving further clarification on access rights. If you wish to inspect University of the Arts London’s data protection registrations, you should contact the Data Protection Officer in the Office of the University Secretary and Registrar. 

An up-to-date list of these contacts and future guidance can be obtained from the Office of the University Secretary and Registrar.